Breaking Point ARMA 3  

information resource for the community of players in the mod Breaking Point for the game ARMA 3


  Breaking Point is a modification of the user DeathlyRage for the game ARMA 3 from Bohemia Interactive. Mod first saw the light in August 2013 and was the classic continuer of the DAYZ mod for the game ARMA 2. He retained the basic principles and game mechanics DAYZ MOD, but significantly expanded and diversified them. Dedicated to surviving in the world of post-apocalypse on a huge island (there may be different maps for ARMA 3) filled with Zombies (infected) and players of different factions. The player begins his journey from appearing on the beach or other location on the map. Gradually studying the territory, he collects water, food, weapons, ammunition. After the death, the player appears again on the map without equipment and with a minimum set of items for survival. Mod contains a large number of various vehicles, weapons, various game mechanics. There is an opportunity to hang a lock on the house and turn it into your own shelter. Make it a repository for your resources. You can make your own cache in the forest, field, mountains. It is possible to hunt (including with a dog) and cook meat. There is a system of factions (Hunters, Outlwas, Independent, Rangers, Nomads, Survivalists, Zombies). Each faction has several levels (exception: Independent and Zombies) and their own special advantages. You can create your own clan (legion). Players of the clan will see the markers of each other on the map. This is not a complete list of what the Breaking Point mod offers to players ...



Breaking Point Mod for ARMA 3 is a unique gaming experience!